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Emtman Brothers Farms’ roots trace back to the 1880’s when John Emtman homesteaded near the present day Valley Chapel road on the Moran Prairie. We are one of several farms that evolved from his original homestead still in operation four generations later.

John was very honored and proud to supply quality potatoes to restaurants and hay to livery stables in Spokane. He created a solid reputation for delivering quality products and he stood behind his commitment. Today, Emtman Brothers Farms continues to conduct business with these same foundational principles.

Old House
John Emtman and Sons: Roy, Ralph, John,
Theophilus, Herman, Arthur, Oscar, Frank, Henry.

Farm Direct Beef

Emtman Brothers’ beef is hormone-free, antibiotic free, and is lower in fat and cholesterol than other meats. To learn more go to Health & Nutrition page >

Piedmontese Beef

All Natural • Grass-Fed • Farm Direct

Piedmontese Cow • Nutrient Rich
• Low in Cholesterol
• Low in Calories
• Low in Fat

Full-blooded Piedmontese evolved in only one place in the world—a small isolated corner of northwestern Italy naturally protected by the Alps. This breed evolved from the ancient European Aurochs breed (that naturally populated the area of Piedmont, Italy) and the Zebu breed (which migrated to the area from Pakistan over 25,000 years ago.) This ancient marriage of breeds evolved into the Piedmontese breed of cattle.

Piedmontese beef was introduced in the United States in the 1980’s, when Americans were becoming more health conscience. This meat carries a unique gene that consistently produces beef that is lean, tender, lower in cholesterol and rich in essential fatty acids without sacrificing flavor.

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Emtman Bros. Farms is helping the Main Market & Egger's Better Meats contribute to a healthier and more resilient Inland Northwest by providing premium Piedmontese Beef products to our community.

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