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Emtman Family
The Emtman family, out for a ride.

Living the American Dream

Our great grandfather, John Emtman, was very excited to leave Germany for a new life in the United States in the 1880’s.  His background in farming led him to the virtually unsettled and wide-open West.  Traveling by horse across California, Oregon, and into Washington, he chose to homestead on the Moran Prairie on the north end of the prestigious Palouse and next to a settlement that later became known as Spokane.  He found success in supplying many restaurants in Spokane with the high quality crops he grew.

Four Generations later, we are still living John’s dream.  The crops we grow have changed since then, but our desire to deliver high quality products hasn’t strayed.  He would be very proud of our enduring efforts to develop and deliver high quality products. 

Just as John’s era came and went, we realize that our era will someday pass.  That is why we are doing all we can to preserve our heritage.  We strive to instill strong family values in our children.  We are leaders in our area with our conservation farming techniques and crop rotations.  Our goal is to enhance the ground that we are farming so that it will be healthier than when we started farming it.  This will allow John’s dream to continue on for many generations to come.

Emtman farmhouse
Emtman house built in 1901.

The Emtman fleet of red tractors