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Emtman Premium Oats

Emtman Field of Oats

Committed to Quality

Unlike most big feed companies, we grow the oats that we put in our bags.  This allows us to control all aspects of production from planting to packaging.  We select premium horse varieties of oats that are adapted to excel at our location and in our climate.  With our longer growing season, our oats are allowed to ripen naturally before they are harvested.  This results in a large white whole oat.  They are cleaned after harvest to remove foreign materials and dust.

Environmentally Friendly

These oats were raised without tillage in an existing Kentucky bluegrass field.  The fibrous roots structure of the grass along with the lack of soil disturbance helped to eliminate dust and water erosion that often occurs in conventionally tilled fields.  This method of farming will ensure that our farm will be around for generations to come.

Our Promise

We will always strive to consistently provide the best product on the market.  Our whole oats will be of consistent size, color, weight, and purity.

Compare Whole Oats to Rolled Oats

Once whole oats are rolled, the oats can lose their nutrients.  In other words they won't keep very long after being rolled.  Studies have shown that there is little nutritional advantage to rolling.  Whole oats are easily digested, they don't compact in the horses intestine, they are a good source of protein and because of their bulkiness, they are the safest of all grains for horses.

Call us at 509.448.2342 to order our premium oats or hay. Or go to the Contact Us page and fill out a quick form. Your business is important to us, so we will get back to you as quickly as possible.