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t-bone steak


filet steak

Image 2 courtesy Kentucky Beef Council.


Storing Piedmontese Beef

It is important to know the best way to thaw your meat as well as freeze it.  From a safety perspective, it is also important to know when you can refreeze and how long to keep leftovers.

Thawing frozen meat

It is best to thaw your meats in the refrigerator.  Slowly thawing your meat in a cool environment will actually add to the flavor and preserve the natural tenderness.  It is not recommended to thaw using a microwave or hot water to speed up the process.  Forcing meat to thaw out may impair it's flavor and tenderness.

Thawed meat should be cooked within 48 hours.

Storing your meat

Refrigerate meat as soon as possible.  Meat should be kept at room temperature no longer than 2 hours.

It is best to keep large shipments of meat towards the back of your freezer so it can remain deeply frozen.

If you thaw meat and decide not to eat it, cook it and freeze it. Never refreeze thawed, raw meat.

Leftover meat should be eaten within 4 days and reheated to at least 160° F (71° C). 

If leftovers are uneaten after being reheated, discard them.